BPAS Architects took a proactive approach at the end of March and made a proposal to the Western Cape Government suggesting they convert the Good Hope Centre, Cape Town into a COVID-19 Health Care Site.

The proposal was well received and will be sent to the relevant Directorate for consideration and evaluation.


Identifying an appropriate building to adapt to meet the growing healthcare and quarantine needs in Cape Town resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019 in Wuhan, this infectious disease has rapidly spread globally. In essence, temporary hospitals are being constructed, as well as building adaptions done to increase intensive care capacity.

The most significant issues facing first responders and healthcare facility managers are “capacity, equipment, and staff,” he says. “All three are required to deliver appropriate care to patients in a manner that is efficient and safe for staff.” -Bryan Langlands, AIA

Neither our health care systems nor our medical facility infrastructure was designed to handle the influx of critically ill patients anticipated by cities as COVID-19 spreads through the population. But cities are scrambling to find space to treat overflow COVID-19 patients and house health care personnel. -ARCHITECT (The journal of the American Institute of Architects), article by Katharine Keane


The Good Hope Centre in Cape Town proposed as a first responder layer.

This building is an exhibition hall and conference centre which offers a wide range of spaces and a total of 4500m² floor space.

Why the Good Hope Centre?

✔️ Location of the building in Cape Town
✔️ Accessibility(access options, drop-off embayment, separate delivery, service and staff access)
✔️ Isolated in its micro setting
✔️ Spatial layout of the building offering a range of spaces