Job Shadowing Programme 2019

Annually BPAS Architects host their Let’s Educate Job Shadow Programme during the June/July holiday for Grade 10 -12 High School students who are interested in the field of Architecture and Design. This year it was presented in collaboration with Bsense Interior Design, during which students were guided through exciting design challenges, ultimately unlocking their artist within.

Our program strives to provide detailed information about the Architectural Profession and how to become an Architect; the requirements to study Architecture and which Universities offer this degree. Key characteristics for success in the Architectural profession, registering as a Professional Architect, project work stages and the relation with associated professions are among the topics of discussion.

An explanation of basic structural design, together with the design of a building by means of a STEM exercise form part of the activities. Students were briefed on how to start a project; from site analysis, concepts, ergonomics, anthropometry, interior design, materiality, and structure. With this base information, the students were challenged to design their own writer’s retreat buildings, to build scale models of it, as well as to create appropriate mood boards.

During this period, the students also shadowed employees in the office to experience a ‘typical day’ as an Architect.

We strive to create an educational program successful in inspiring and educating students in their career paths, to provide a clearer picture of where they envision themselves in the future and if Architecture as a profession would be well suited to them.