Robertson Private Hospital




Imagining a small-scale, forward-thinking healthcare facility that forms part of the greater urban community of Roberston, the proposed design aims to combine the best of facility design, healing place-making, sustainability and modern technology tucked away in the valley of wine and roses.


Assessing and transforming the process of receiving and giving care in the midst of a mixed-use estate, the architecture of this facility is conceptualized around human relationships, technology and nature. The design of this heath care facility is contextually influenced by the various parks and green corridors found spread throughout the estate – with the biggest located South-East of the chosen site. Conceptualizing a design that radiates from this central park acts as the primary influence for the massing and architecture of the facility, thus creating a central healing court yard spine within the facility that bleeds from the central park towards the central foyer and parking area beyond.


The central foyer is serviced from the northern and southern side. To the north of the entrance the parking area gradually elevates its visitor into the double volume foyer, while the southern entrance is dedicated to “giving back the street” to pedestrian users and visitors by utilizing the foyer structure as landscaped and urban furniture for the passer-by to indulge in. A physiotherapist, radiologist and Day Hospital is located in the North and East wing of the facility, while the 25 bed Sub-Acute hospital is found on the Southern periphery of the site – giving its patients an uninterrupted view of the healing courtyard and majestic mountaintops.


BPAS Architects aims to inspire human-to-human connection while blurring the boundaries between community and a traditional hospital setting while promoting the healing process through nature.


Western Cape