Architecture and medicine have some things in common, making a useful illustration. Few people, for example, would think to go on the Internet and print a list of symptoms and treatments for an illness or injury they may have, taking that to the physician and asking for medications based on the print-out. And no physician would ever treat such a patient if they should have such an idea. A physician is educated, trained, tested, licensed and experienced to make their own diagnosis and treatment regimen. And they have a legal obligation to do so.

Architects are similar. It is unnecessary and often wasteful of owner’s time and money to suggest solutions to an experienced architect. Doing so only causes the architect to deal with the little competency of an owner and to illustrate where the owner’s efforts fall short. Architects are educated, trained, tested, licensed and experienced to be able to understand and solve an owner’s housing issues when furnished with a reasonable set of information: needs, wants, budget, site location and characteristics. After all, architects are certainly more competent in architecture than non-architects! If not, one needs to find a new architect!