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The 25 Largest Sports Stadiums in the World

In 776 BC, the Olympic Games of antiquity were hosted at the Olympia stadium in Peloponnese, Greece, an arena widely believed to be the world’s oldest stadium. The elongated U-shaped track and stand had a capacity of up to 45,000 people.

Almost 3000 years later, and the typology of the sports stadium continues to act as a gathering place for tens of thousands of eager spectators. As populations, and indeed revenue generated from sporting events continues to increase around the world, the design of sports stadiums is destined to follow suit.

Below, we have rounded up the 25 largest active sports stadiums in the world in terms of total capacity. The list spans 10 countries, with an impressive 15 out of 25 stadiums located within the United States. Note that this list does not include race tracks, closed or inactive stadiums, or figures attained from temporary spectator capacity.