Kolgansbaai Village




Kolgansbaai is situated in the Danger Point peninsula which boasts the natural beauty of milkwood, rare fynbos (Ruschua), west facing beaches and open reserves. This is an area of contrast: unspoiled beaches, floral reserves, forests, rocky inlets etc.

The sea and coastal environment lends itself to living spaces being sculptured by the natural environment’s design guides: ocean breezes, sun decks, filtered light, verandas, viewing corridors- all encapsulated into a private courtyard and living spaces.

BPAS Architects’s objectives for the village are to:
• Preserve, as far as possible, the current natural beauty
• Preserve views from individual erven by careful placement of buildings
• Ensure co-ordinated and harmonious architecture and landscape with the minimum of environmental impact.
• Enhance the investment value of the scheme.
• Protect owners of established properties from unsightly architecture.


Western Cape