Riverton Apartments

Riverton Apartments Year 2019 Description This mixed-use apartment block is located on a linear erf, affording extended interaction opportunity for the retail facilities on-street level. The strategic use of materials provides visual appeal and articulation to the facades. Location Elsies River, Cape Town, South Africa

Windell Corner

Windell Corner Year 2020 Description The building mass was fragmented through a reinterpretation of the traditional cape village architecture. An expansion which features a mixed-use development, with an active urban edge that enhances the urban fabric and densifies the growing neighbourhood. Location Durbanville Western Cape South Africa

Joubert Street

Joubert Street Year 2021 Description Contemporary multi-residential development along a busy street in Parow. We are activating the street facade with commercial space to hide the parking in the back. The residential units start on the first floor to optimize the views of the surrounding mountains and suburbs. Location Parow, Cape Town, South Africa

Eastern Africa

Eastern Africa Year 2021 Description Concept proposal for a project located in Eastern Africa.   The urban space between buildings becomes the defining and binding element. It is key to the development’s visual language and the masterplan’s success. Location Eastern Africa

Cape Town Hotel

Cape Town Hotel Year 2021 Description This building was conceptually designed for an international hotel group. The building will have a retail and residential component adding tremendous value to the surrounding facility and its occupants.   Communal spaces, outlets galore, a top business centre, fitness centre and concierge services are only some of the features…