Artic Hotel




The design intention was to create a building that reaches out towards the sky while remaining grounded to the earth.

The hotel becomes the reference point for travellers and explorers who wish to experience nature, partake in winter sports and go on forest excursions. Guests can experience the natural surroundings in their rawest form while also being sheltered in the comfort of the hotel cabins.

The central spiral contains the main gathering platform for guests and travellers. This platform contains seating around a large bonfire to experience the natural landscape and observe the beautiful phenomenon of the Aurora lights. Here stories are told, and music is played. Music and laughter mix with the natural sounds of the forest such as the rustling of trees and eco of the wind.

The central space is encapsulated by a mirror drum that reflects the sky above – merging sky and earth. It is as if the guests are surrounded by the aurora lights themselves, being able to dance with the ancestral spirits of old.

The hotel pays homage to the surrounding landscape by using locally sourced construction materials and the knowledge and services of local craftsmen. Timber is used as the predominant material in the design to ensure a building that promotes both aesthetics and sustainability. By offering essential services to guests and travellers, the design ensures that the least amount of impact is made on the environment.