House In Forest 2020
Wooden House Competition

Status: Concept 2020

Forests are essential for our planet. Yet, when they get cleared, they leave behind a void that affects not just the trees but the diverse life that calls them home. However, managing forests without harming the environment or its inhabitants is possible. One method is selective cutting, where only certain trees get harvested. While this approach supports faster forest regrowth and retains vital ecosystems, it does have downsides, like leaving gaps in the forest canopy.

Our proposal focuses on rehabilitating these gaps. We suggest a temporary, man-made canopy made of natural, biodegradable materials. This canopy shields the forest floor, allowing it the time it needs to rejuvenate. It also safeguards against weather damage and potential fires.

During this phase, forest keepers and a small community will reside in extraordinary Forest Houses built on tree stumps. These houses, part of the canopy support structure, ensure minimal forest floor disruption. Some houses will also store seeds, promoting biodiversity as the forest recovers.

The community can relocate once the forest bounces back, leaving a minimal footprint behind.

The design is based on a light timber frame and canopy, allowing easy assembly and disassembly.

Team: Bashara Renou & Ian Cox