Kairo Looro Primary School

Status: To be completed

Located in Ziguinchor, Senegal, this region brims with potential. Introducing an educational facility elevates the area and serves the community’s core needs. Our design presents interconnected teaching spaces that resonate with users through their size, style, and materials. These diverse spaces and modern teaching methods prepare learners for today’s rapidly evolving world.

Rural regions often face hurdles like limited funds, underdeveloped infrastructure, and challenges in attracting skilled teachers. Our school design addresses these by setting a benchmark in sustainability, energy efficiency, safety, space quality, and cost-efficiency. Drawing from Senegal’s traditional roundhouses and the local impluvium system, the design promotes regional pride while catering to the local climate with insulating walls and shading overhangs. A central courtyard becomes a hub for natural airflow and community gatherings.

The design mirrors the community’s natural flow, taking cues from locally defined “trails” or footpaths. Working around these paths, the building features organic shapes and a central courtyard for learning, socialising, and relaxation. The thatched timber roof enhances the layout, offering captivating spaces and views.

Location: Ziguinchor, Senegal

Location of project in Senegal
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