Sleeping Pods on a Cliff




On the rocky slopes of the Serra de Estrela mountains, on the forest floor underneath the dense canopy of trees, lie the seedling pods Capsules of protection for those who come to the Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat to escape the rush of daily life The pods represent the relationship between nature and man one of reciprocity and interplay.

To create a self-sustainable and contextual design, principles of biomimicry have been applied Inspired by the maritime pine that grows in abundance in the valley, the mass is generated from the form of a single seed that broke free from the maritime pinecone as the seed falls onto the ground and cracks open, so too does the mass shift to reveal the spaces inside After the seed sprouts, it transforms into a new addition to the beautiful pine forests that surround Vale de Moses.

The design of the seedling pod aims to connect man with the philosophy of creation and regeneration from nature to nature In yoga, the harmonization of body and mind can be achieved by realizing the connectedness and peace of the world around us what better place to go after yoga, than in nature herself